California Judicial Foreclosures

California Non Judicial Foreclosures

Here are some other possibilites to the Foreclosure Proceeding:

Partial  Reinstatement.
The servicer suspends foreclosure proceedings for a time, after the borrower makes  a payment equal to some percentage of the delinquency (the borrower must then  catch up in full).

Forbearance  Agreement.

An  agreement that can last up to two years in duration and that permits the  borrower to catch up on payments while making full current payments.  An agreement of forbearance allows you to put off paying delinquent payments and late fees to a later date when you are financially in a better position. In an agreement of forbearance the lender agrees not to proceed with the foreclosure so long as you make your current payments.  An agreement is usually reached as to how you'll pay the delinquency over a period of time or at some date in the future. This is not a good option for those who do not expect a significant increase in their income in time to make the required additional payments of the delinquent amounts.

Special  Forbearance Agreement

An agreement that can last up to a year and that allows the borrower to make  partial payments (typically, the arrearage must then be paid in full at the end  of the agreement period).

Loan  Modification

A modification of the existing loan terms that includes significant reductions in  interest rate (down to 0%) or converts an adjustable rate mortgage to a fixed  rate.

Waiving  Certain Fees

Since the servicer keeps all fees collected from the borrower, the servicer has  complete discretion to waive these fees in order to help make a workout  successful.

Short Sales

Short Refinance

Restructure & Relief


Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act of 2007?

H.O.P.E & HAMP Programs